Exhibition and Performance

« Le corps est le point zéro du monde, là où les chemins et les espaces viennent se croiser le corps n’est nulle part : il est au coeur du monde ce petit noyau utopique à partir duquel je rêve, je parle, j’avance, j’imagine, je perçois les choses en leur place et je les nie aussi par le pouvoir indéfini des utopies que j’imagine ». Michel Foucault, Le corps utopique, 1966

“The body is the ground zero of the world, where the paths and the spaces come to cross the body is nowhere: it is in the heart of the world this small utopian core from which I dream, I speak, I move forward, I imagine, I perceive things in their place and I also deny them by the indefinite power of the utopias that I imagine “. Michel Foucault, The Utopian Body, 1966

The body – our vital ally, but often battered, attacked, questioned or on the contrary loved, remains partially unknown to us. This utopian and dreamed body or so tangible and physical was hard hitten since the beginning of the pandemic – wounded, but also forbidden of physical connection. So, how can we rethink this relationship to the body in our ambivalent society, when it is at the root of our human behavior? Through 3 different artistic approaches, this exhibition will allow us to question and reflect on this contradictory, yet so contemporary, link that is the digital physicality of our bodies and/or its relationship to the place/space.

The artists

Jeanne et Moreau, Photography lies but i have other romantic ideas, 2019


Ian Heisters, Gesture#2, Gesture#3, Gestures#4, 2018


La Collective ???

Exhibition 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Les Marécottes (alcôves du bassin)

La Collective ???’s Performance at 6:30 PM

Curated by Valérie Félix for Code / Art Research Program

Note: Cancelled if it’s raining


This exhibition is possible with the support of the Canton du Valais ArtPro & the Commune of Salvan.

Code / Art Research Program is very pleased to announce that the canton of Valais is supporting us with the ArtPro grant for three years. Thank you for believing in us.