Open Letter

Why do we do research? For our pleasure, the pleasure of others, or to drive a society forward? Is research really concerns everyone? Do we not tend to cloister it within Universities or other restricted spaces? The mandate of Code is based on the democratization of research. Why? Because to drive a society forward, research has to become an inherent part of our daily lives. This is why research democratization must be plural, interdisciplinary and not guided by dictates of external interests. But how to believe in this freedom, when it is not recognized?

Having several time request for financial support, none has been granted (firstly, it was a project of residence in Switzerland). The choice to continue to believe in it has been stimulated by this strength of collaboration in research. Should we really expect money from a third party (decision maker) to simply think, open doors, move social constructions?

As initiator of this project coming from the artistic world (photo & video) and the humanities (art history specialization in cultural & digital studies), I am very attentive to the visibility of research and art, but also to the remuneration of artists and researchers. That’s why Code was thought as an online collaborative research that allows broadcast, but also a freedom of engagement which takes into account the daily life (and its external obligations).

So let’s talk about this non-existent financial source – for this to work, everyone has to be treat on equal terms, and that no one feels instrumentalised by anyone. No monetary compensation is possible today, for anyone who is involved in Code. Future requests for funds (or sponsors) will be used to cover the costs of conferences and exhibitions. If there is money left, a remuneration will be set up according to availability. Code is based on an ethic of transparency and total independence – and that will remain so.

Be part of this project, of this collaboration … of Code.
Together we can question further, more broadly the elements of societal research.
Connect and let’s collaborate.