Close-up / Yutong Xie and Eraince Wang

A web platform showing you the essence of what means being a human.

Valérie Félix

Amy’s World is an Immersive Installation project that uses the form of a memory install site that can be plugged into any computer and perform a procedural installation of a posthumanist memory. Amy’s World is our attempt to use technology as a reflective tool to gain self understanding. It is an interactive experience that immerses an audience into a fictional web narrative about a digital character’s life transformation in the year 2100 when a person can have total freedom of design of its life.

[…] the process of three steps:

  1. payment for this file installation with its face (without knowing how we will use it but with the knowledge that no data will be stored after transaction) 
  2. the only thing the viewer can control is a forward button; depends on how fast/slow people experience the film, the duration of the experience will vary from 5 minutes to 15 minutes based on our prototype tests.
  3. A digital receipt that is the display of the guidebook to Amy’s World.

[…] we are asking the question: how can media-technologies be understood as a reflective tool for a person to think about one’s life existence, using death as the negative space of life? This is important because the ability to understand the self and the realm of the self without artificially constructed social borders is the most virtuous skill to have. And in this day of the world losing spiritual connection with one another, the ability to redefine what a self could be is rather crucial to gain a clear perspective of this collective web. […] The experience is a meditative (with inward immersion) and reflective process and the initiation of it all is the formation of the main character which uses the viewer’s own digital reflection. It’s about layers of meanings, signs, and implications coming together. In the space of one staring at a screen of one’s digital simulation, maybe one will have a deeper look at oneself. We want to make this a work of immersive immanence. 

This project is a collaboration between concept artist Yutong Xie and creative technologist Eraince Wang […].

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© Project (visual & text) by Yutong Xie and Eraince Wang