Code / Art Research Program – Talk at IRCAM

Code is pleased to announce the participation of Valérie Félix – the initiator and curator of Code research program – at the symposium “Art and Science Residencies: Methodologies and Feedback” which will take place March 2nd and March 3rd 2020, at IRCAM, Paris. This event will be a great opportunity to get know other programs and residencies involved on the relation between art & science.

Planed at the Roundtable “Organizing Residencies”, this talk will give a great chance to introduce Code / Art Research Program, the artists who were involved during the Program 02019 – 
Diane Albasini – Sungwoo Kim – Yutong Xie – Jonathan Brandel – Carla Streckwall – Lisa Marie Patzer – Erin Demastes – Zhi-fang Li – Anita Bacic – Justine Batteux – Ian Heisters – Lara Tabet – and their researches.

If you are around, come and see.